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  • I Dressed Like Hailey Bieber at MFW and Here’s What Happened

    Aside from being an absolute icon when it comes to the modeling industry and ½ of everyone’s current OTP, my girl Hailey Bieber totally rocks when it comes to the fashion game—time after time, and then some.  If a Vogue cover ft. bae wasn’t enough to prove Hailey’s dominance in the field of edgy yet utterly chic style, just turn to her 30 million+ Insta followers who ~gush~ on the reg over her cool-girl style. 

    Hailey has always been a major source of style inspiration for me, and when I had the opportunity to visit Milan while studying abroad during Milan fashion Week, I channeled that inspiration to the next level.  Dressed in Hailey-approved fashion, here’s what actually happened to me. 

    People Thought I was a Model 

    My life as an unemployed recent college grad struggling to afford that super cute new Free People top is quite the drastic opposite of the life of a model.  But, in totally unusual fashion, while I was in Milan, dressed in a skin tight black dress with yellow-tined glasses and oversized pom-pom earrings, I literally got approached multiple times by strangers asking to take pictures with me.  A new experience overall, but quite the confident boost to say the least! 

    I Posed for Street Style Pics With My Favorite Fashion Editors 

    Okay, this was pretty cool.  Being as fashion-obsessed as we were, my friends and I were doing some deep investigative research on show location in attempt to spot some of the action. After finding out the location of the Versace show, and amidst ~dying~ over the A+ street style, I actually had my photograph taken by a couple of photographers due to their having had mistaken me for someone of notable industry presence (and not someone who at the time regularly ate Ramen on her college apartment floor at 2am).   

    I Was Let Backstage at a Vogue Event and I *Cried*

    The. Tears. Were. Real.  Amidst actually peaking while in the presence of my fashion favorites, my friends and I noticed that there was an exclusive event being put on by Vogue.  Immediately after learning said news, I found myself naturally trying to finesse my way in because, well, you know.  To my absolute greatest surprise, the super cute Italian man checking people in actually let us check out the backstage area (for a few minutes) and I kid you not, I started to cry due to extreme happiness—talk about being ~fashion obsessed. ~ 

    Overall, my experience at MFW is definitely something I will never forget. It was the most fun day ever. From the atmosphere of a fashion-lovers dream to my cameo as a Hailey Bieber-inspired model, I absolutely loved every second.

    P.S. Be sure to check out my OG blog post on MFW from back in 2017 found here for a total rundown of my look!

    until next time…

    xo shae



    1. Lisa Dustin
      October 28, 2020 / 10:13 am

      Love your posts Shae. They always make me feel like I am right there in the place you write about. Keep them coming!

      • styledbyshae
        November 12, 2020 / 9:51 pm

        awe!! thank you, lisa 🙂

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